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Are the yurts easy to set up?
Yurts are very simple to set up,one person can do it pretty easily for small yurts. And we will also provide the installation video for you to study, you shouldn¡¯t have any problems.
How long will it take me to set up my yurt?
Depending on options,smaller yurts(diameter 3.3-8m) can be set up in half day. 10m yurt takes one day,12m yurt takes 3 days and 16m takes 5 days.
How many people can sleep in a yurt?
That really depends on how much room you need. I use a 5.12m yurt when I go camping, That is easily enough for a queen bed and 3 full size cots for the kids, plus all our gear¨Cand there is plenty of room left over.
What are yurts used for?
We have sold yurts for all types of uses: bed & breakfasts, permanent homes, temporary homes while building permanent homes, lake homes, rentals at campgrounds, workshops, and, of course, campground cabins.
How long will it last?
A properly installed and maintained yurt will last as long as a house. Just like any structure - proper maintenance is the key. Relatively little maintenance is required.
How strong is a yurt?
The dome arch of a yurt works such that the load, whether vertical (down) or horizontal, is shared across the entire structure making a yurt very strong. The round shape naturally sheds the wind. Properly equipped, installed and maintained, a yurt can handle vertical snow loads in excess of fifty pounds per square foot and winds well over seventy miles per hour. 
Can we use a stove in a yurt?
Yes,but you must make sure you keep the stove away from the side wall and route the stove pipe out through the middle of roof wheel.

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